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Tickets for the Live at the Arena di Verona Il Volo, tour 2017

Postato il 12 Ottobre 2016

This is one of those events that all of opera lovers (and others) have a duty not to be missed: the Arena di Verona live de The Flight to the tour in 2017 linked to the output of the new live album " night magic "that immortalizes the Emilia-Abruzzo-Sicilian trio during the fantastic performances of the first of July last year in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, which also saw a special appearance by Placido Domingo. An unmissable event within a frame, the Arena, unique in the world. Tickets are now available on the new Esamusic site dedicated exclusively to the promotion of concerts and musical events.

The flight took off ...

The Rise of The flight over the past 5 years has been truly irresistible and the 2015 victory at the San Remo Festival has only represented the latest in a series of successes and accolades that the trio has obtained worldwide. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble after randomly performed together in 2010 at the talent show for children "leave you a song", were hired directly by the American Universal, in practice the largest record company in the world, for which they have signed a contract worth two million dollars. Then they followed successes a bit 'anywhere in the world, which is quite rare for an Italian group.

Tickets for the Live at the Arena di Verona Il Volo visit the romantic city

So worth booking as of now tickets for the live Arena di Verona Il Volo, a concert that promises to be unmissable. It can also be a unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and characteristic of Italy, which also inspired the famous Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. To get tickets you have to do is contact a Esamusic, the new Esatour service for the promotion of musical events in Italy and Europe. So what are you waiting for? The tickets are already selling like hot cakes!