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Tickets Eros Ramazzotti live @ Assago for the World Tour 2016

Postato il 10 Ottobre 2016

This is one of those events live a true fan of pop can not miss: the next 20 December, in fact, Eros Ramazzotti music will perform on stage at the Assago Forum in Milan for the last date (at the time) of his world Tour 2016 that had great success all over the world. Esamusic, the new Esatour brand for the promotion of concerts and live performances, makes available to all the fans of the singer Roman "naturalized" in Milan a good number of tickets to the live Eros Ramazzotti held in Assam in December. We advise you to hurry, because already the tickets are going to sell well if you wait a few more days could be too late..

Tickets Eros Ramazzotti live @ Assago: 80s to tour North America

We remember them all (or at least those who were there at the time) the beginnings of Eros, already considered in the 80s one of the most promising Italian pop artists at the international level; not surprisingly since then the singer has made numerous Spanish-language album distributed in millions of copies in Latin America where Ramazzotti now enjoys a reputation equal to that of our country. With World Tour 2016, Eros is attempting the path of success even in North America where he held a series of live this fall: his voice will resonate in fact clear and powerful on the stages of major American and Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

A unique event not to be missed before the winter break of the World Tour 2016

The results of the next 20 December, therefore, promises to be an event not to be missed that sugellerà this crucial phase of his already long career. This will be a unique opportunity to view Eros live in Italy before the well-deserved winter break. All those who are interested, as of now can apply for and purchase of tickets for the live Esamusic that Eros Ramazzotti held in Assam in December. So what are you waiting for?